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who cares? who knows?
maybe i will one day...
Friday . January . 24th . 2020 . 19:25:00 - If You're Looking for Fic
BC: Pixie Stix
All of my CSI, Queer as Folk, and original fiction can be found at prota_fic.

The semi-regularly updated master list of fiction can be found here.
Monday . July . 19th . 2010 . 20:28:00 - Out of Left, Part 1
CSI: Green Eyes
Title: Out of Left, Part 1
Summary: Warrick and Greg are a happily not-quite-married couple. They are living together and raising their daughter Kayla when something, rather someone comes out of left to disturb their happy little life.

Author's Note: Fair Warning - This is a WIP, 7 chapters have already been written, and I'll be posting every week. Also this story is full of schmoopy family/kid!fic goodness.
Rating: PG

( A year and a half year later and the thought of going home to Warrick still made him smile. )
Thursday . July . 15th . 2010 . 01:35:00 - CSI Fanfic Awards...A Day Late and a Dollar Short
CSI: Gary Shirts
 So...apparently two of my fics won CSI Fanfic Awards in 2007 and 2009. I had no idea. Just goes to show how much time I don't spend on LJ.

2007 CSI FanFic Award Winner: Because I Said So

2009 CSI Fanfic Award Winner: Vegas Native Rule #1

Definitely not my best work and I'm pretty sure I won these because the pairings I wrote were so rare at the time, but yay me! Unfortunately, 2007 banners are no longer available, but below is the 2009 one.

Thursday . March . 18th . 2010 . 18:47:00 - RL is a bitch in the best way possible.
10: Like OMG
OMG, it's 6:30pm and I'm home! I'm not at the office wrapping up the one millionth project of the day. I don't think I've left work before 6:30 in a couple of weeks. These last few weeks have been insane. I've been so busy. But I've been busy and tired and stressed in the best way possible. I got a little promotion, I'm getting more work. I "manage" people a person now. So, yeah, life's been a bitch in the best way possible.

It sucks because I get home and I usually put in a few more hours of work instead of doing what I really want to do...which is finish my epic CSI Greg/Warrick kid!fic and begin on my epic Sanctuary Will/Henry first time AU scifibigbang submission. I'm in love with the plots for these two stories. If I ever complete them, they are going to be sooo good. I also have a few small QAF and Criminal Minds fics in the works...nothing worth mentioning though.

Alright, I'm off to write...
Thursday . February . 25th . 2010 . 00:49:00 - 15-Word Fic Meme
DLM: Meh
Gakked from geonncannon: Give me the name of a character. I need ten. Preferably a character that I at least know what show it's from. Then I'll write a fic of fifteen words or less for every prompt, using the characters determined by the numbers.

Like geonncannon, I just chose the characters myself.

1. Brian Kinney
2. Justin Taylor
3. Warrick Brown
4. Greg Sanders
5. Derek Morgan
6. Spencer Reid
7. Will Zimmerman
8. Henry Foss
9. Nick Stokes
10. Ben Bruckner

15-Word FicsCollapse )
Sunday . February . 21st . 2010 . 13:42:00 - Killing off Characters for the Hell of It
I just don't understand how/why these TV shows are just killing off characters for the hell of it. It's like show writers/producers/whatever don't want us to get attached or become comfortable. Killing off and writing off characters like Warrick Brown and Sara Sidle on CSI made sense. Gary Dourdan had drug issues and Jorja Fox had salary drama. But...

Fringe, Sanctuary, Dexter, TorchwoodCollapse )

To me, it seems the writers/producers don't understand the difference between plot-driven and character-driven storylines. Sanctuary, Torchwood, and Fringe were meant to be plot-driven, but the writers have dug so much into the personal lives of the characters that they've become a blend of plot-driven and character-driven. So, when you kill off a character, it SUCKS.

Dexter was made to be a character-driven story, but the producers wanted to "up the ante" (plot-wise) for Season 4, so they killed off one of their main characters. Stupid.

A purely plot-driven show is Law and Order. No one cares when a character gets killed off or written off on Law and Order. No one watches that show for the characters. They watch it for a good 45 minute story. And that's why L&O has been on for 20 years.

There's usually not a good way to kill off a character from a character-driven story. I think Supernatural has done it the best. They started out with two characters that likely won't be killed until the very end, and over the years they've weaved in new characters for half-season - multiple-season story arcs. When these new characters die, we care, but not as much as we would if the characters had been there from the very beginning. Never kill off the original characters.

*le sigh* I'm done ranting. I'm just sick of seeing shows kill off main characters. Every show I watch has killed off a character recently with the exception of Bones, Supernatural, and Leverage. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for these three.
Saturday . February . 20th . 2010 . 14:29:00 - Sanctuary Fic: Healthy Relationships
Candy Love
Healthy Relationships
Summary: Henry and Will have been in a relationship for 4 months when they go on their first date.
Author's Note: Written for tiwtin.

( Dude, kid with wings flying around the city? That'll be on Twitter before it hits the news. )
QAF: B/J in Bar
Brian's Boyfriend or Whatever of 13 Years (A.K.A. Justin Taylor)
Summary: Justin turns 30 and takes an objective view of his life and the characters in it.
Author's Note: Written for qaf_challenges.

( The night before his 30th birthday, Justin gets fucked up on tequila and ecstasy. He has sex with a 17-year-old in the backroom of some club that isn't Babylon and can't help but feel an odd sense of deja-vu. )
Sunday . February . 14th . 2010 . 21:03:00 - Criminal Minds Morgan/Reid Comment Fic
OTHER: Dorky Show
I just discovered comment_fic, which is a pretty cool community. I responded to two Criminal Minds prompts for Morgan/Reid.

The "fics" can be found at the below link. They're both 300-500 words. Kid!Fic and Early Relationship!Fic.

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